[VoiceOps] Load balancing

RJ Auburn rj at voxeo.com
Fri Nov 6 18:42:19 EST 2009

I have seen F5's really mess up SIP signaling on a few deployments.  
They have some basic SIP features but if the NAT stuff gets complex  
they were not always rewriting all the headers. When pressed it seemed  
like their support had only done a few SIP deployments and it was  
pretty limited.


RJ Auburn
CTO, Voxeo Corporation

On Nov 6, 2009, at 5:42 PM, Jonathan Thurman wrote:

> On Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 2:58 PM, anorexicpoodle <anorexicpoodle at gmail.com 
> > wrote:
>> I have pretty much ruled out OpenSER/OpenSIPS/Kamilio because it  
>> isn't
>> stateful in HA failover. Passing it through an Acme is ridiculously  
>> costly
>> for the need i have, and most hardware based load balancers I am  
>> finding
>> just aren't sip-aware, so I don't see them doing much better than  
>> OpenSER in
>> a fail-over scenario, it would just be a different kind of ugliness.
> F5s are SIP aware, but also expensive.  We just got some LTM 1600s,
> but I haven't configured them for SIP yet.  Everything else I have
> used them for they have been rock solid, so I am optimistic.
> -Jonathan
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