[VoiceOps] International SIP Terminations

Lee Riemer lriemer at bestline.net
Mon Nov 9 11:56:14 EST 2009

Alex , for my own clarification, please rebut my questions:

"The VOIP Operators' Group (VOG) charter is to facilitate the creation, 
maintenance, and operations of Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) 
related networks, products, and services."

How does asking for SIP service not fit the "facilitate the creation" 

"Similar to the North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG), The 
Voice Operators' Group seeks to assist in the creation of a robust, 
stable and growing VOIP ecosystem. "

People ask about peering and co-los on the NANOG list all the time.  If 
someone were to say: "I'm looking to provide some ultra-cheap internet 
access.  Does anyone have a contact for a 'lower tier' provider?"  I'm 
sure the answer would be close to "Cogent".  Also, asking for SIP 
service seems to mesh with "growing VOIP ecosystem."

Is there another way to ask the question that would fit?

Lee Riemer

Alex Balashov wrote:
> Shripal Daphtary wrote:
>> I’m looking to provide some ultra cheap international calling to 
>> Africa and Latin America.  Does anyone have a contact for a “lower 
>> tier” international Sip term provider?
> This question is not within the purview of this list.

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