[VoiceOps] Billing of Forwarded Calls

Lee Riemer lriemer at bestline.net
Wed Nov 11 17:20:58 EST 2009

I agree.  Shouldn't be too hard if you're sniffing the line, say on a 
wi-fi connection.  Listen for INVITEs, pull dialog info, spoof CANCELs.  
Nice little DOS attack.

Alex Balashov wrote:
> Lee Riemer wrote:
>> What's wrong with authenticating BYEs and CANCELs?  I see them as 
>> just as important as an INVITE.  Anyone can some around, sniff the 
>> dialog and spoof a BYE or CANCEL.
> They'd have to spoof a Call-ID, From and To tags, correct CSeqs, any 
> loose-routing parameters present in the Route and/or Record-Route 
> headers, and the Route header itself.
> I suppose it *could* be done... but...

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