[VoiceOps] PSTN connection to SONUS

Jason Vanick jvanick at spruce.oaknet.com
Thu Nov 12 11:45:07 EST 2009

Wow... I stand corrected.

what is providing/servicing the A-Links from Asterisk?  I'm thinking SigTran?


> On 11/12/09 7:55 AM, Jason Vanick wrote:
> > Actually you'll probably want to use a PRI config
> >
> > ISUP is used if you're connecting to a switch that requires SS7 signalling.
> > as far as I'm aware, asterisk doesn't support SS7.
> Asterisk does have partial support for SS7.  Last time I looked into it 
> the major functions were there, but not all of them.  However there have 
> been Asterisk servers in production using SS7 for at least a year and a 
> half, possibly more.
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