[VoiceOps] Cisco SBC - feedback ?

Mark R Lindsey lindsey at e-c-group.com
Mon Nov 23 09:29:40 EST 2009

Cisco told us it began life as the IP-IP Gateway product. It was  
originally added to provide a public SIP / RFC2833 interface to older  
Cisco Call Manager systems.

But they've said the product has matured a lot since then. I haven't  
personally seen any Service Providers go into operation using it,  
while I've seen dozens using Acme Packet, Covergence and Ditech  
Peerpoint (RIP).

Any SBC entrant would have tons of work to catch up.  If a new SP  
buildout is rich in time and patience, they should definitely help the  
newer vendors mature their products by providing real world load,  
feature requests, and defect reports.

On Nov 22, 2009, at 23:53, Alex Balashov <abalashov at evaristesys.com>  

> Is this "SBC" CUBE-derived?
> randal k wrote:
>> I asked this same question over on Cisco-NSP the other day and got  
>> zero responses; I am in the same boat you are, Ben, and am very  
>> interested in anybody's opinions/history with this hardware.
>>    I recently came across Cisco’s offering for a SBC -> The  
>> ‘ACE20-SBC-K9’
>>    http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/routers/7600/install_config/sbc_config_guide_2/sbc_rn/sbc_rn.pdf
>>    I was Curious who out there uses this and what their thoughts on  
>> the
>>    product was or any feedback for that matter on it.
>>    Up until recently we were heading down the Acme Packet path,  
>> however
>>    most of our Current infrastructure is Cisco, so it kinda of makes
>>    sense to take a serious look at this.
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