[VoiceOps] Voice Security in MPLS networks -- When is it necessary?

Guy.Ram at t-systems.com Guy.Ram at t-systems.com
Wed Oct 14 12:32:36 EDT 2009



Like your kind response to this question:


Would folks agree that for SIP traffic in a private MPLS network should
not necessarily require encryption. What is your advise for the normal
Enterprise ? I'm trying to understand where it makes prudent sense to
enable encryption and where it's redundant.


I'm trying to counter this statement:


that encryption of the media stream should be encouraged. Although the
MPLS network is private, it is easy to setup a traffic sniffer on
computers and to tap and record calls. This is unlike the ISDN world
where telecoms equipment is usually locked up and inaccessible to most
employees. Companies do accept encryption as normal overhead"


What I've been told that most enterprise networks are switched, so the
connection from the desk goes to a switch and then right to the VoIP
system, so it's basically non-trivial to tap a phone line that way.
VoWiFi is different, but there are more issues than security with that.
Legacy environment equivalent for wired VoIP.


Also that Encryption will increase delay, reduce quality, and increase
BW consumption. I don't see a lot of need for encryption except across a
peering point for example.




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