[VoiceOps] seeking voice provider

Mark Kent mark at noc.mainstreet.net
Fri Oct 16 11:49:59 EDT 2009

I'm looking for a voice provider that can satisfy the following requirements:

a) same USA-footprint as GlobalCrossing and Level3 (i.e., likely
   "downstream" from both).  We'll need to port thousands of DID,
   currently served by GLBX and Level3, don't want *any* issues.

b) able to provide PRI in 55 So.Market, San Jose, preferably with just
   an in-building x-conn.

c) no issues with faxes traversing network, unconditionally
   (i.e., with same reliability as PSTN).


d) has rapid DID provisioning for USA-based numbers.

Any suggestions?   Please email me directly and don't spam the list.  


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