[VoiceOps] IPV6

Paul Timmins paul at timmins.net
Wed Oct 21 09:17:31 EDT 2009

When you guys are looking to sell after all your customers are behind 4 
NATs and nothing works right, or whatever kludge ends up happening after 
they/you can't get more PI IP space anymore, we're (your forward looking 
competitors) gonna pay a lot less to buy you out. Fair warning.


Alex Balashov wrote:
> David Hiers wrote:
>> Never looked into it yet.  I"m still working on Gerald Ford's Great
>> Metric Conversion :)
>> Our current business model doesn't contain a lot of drivers that might
>> motivate an investigation.
> The day IPv6 is adopted seriously, I am leaving networking/telecom and 
> going to start a bakery.  I can barely microwave Lean Cuisine, but 
> perhaps I can secure some assistance from significant other.
> There is no way I am going to be managing infrastructure by way of hex 
> nibbles.
> Remind me, why is it that nobody thought of using dotted decimal 
> notation for IPv6 addresses, but just adding more octets?  Are 
> half-bite nibbles in a base humans aren't normally taught to count in 
> more "expressive" somehow?
> -- Alex

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