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joshua sahala jsahala at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 14:20:28 EDT 2009

On Mon, Oct 26, 2009 at 8:23 AM, Daryl G. Jurbala <daryl at introspect.net> wrote:
> OK, let's go over the reasons from an ISTP standpoint:
> - L3 routing and firewalling upgrades required.  Wait, your 6509/7206VXR
> support IPv6?

as i pointed out, cisco has crap ipv6 support...juniper and foundry
both have solid hardware support (and have had).

> - ISP support - how many of you actually have upstreams that fully support
> IPv6?  Do you really want to count on tunneling for your transit?

this is mostly FUD and an attitude in futility:  ipv4 will be gone
within a few years.  ipv6 is the only path forward.  so, you can
continue to complain that v6 isn't v4, or, you can start pushing your
vendors for better support.

there are isps with native v6 support here in the us:

level3, tata, hurricane electric, global crossing, cogent, nlayer, etc, etc

> - ARIN support

getting space from arin is trivial.  arin's support for v6 is unequivocal.

> - SBC support: Why would they bother when the L3 isn't there in most cases?
>  Not a single one of my carriers supports IPv6, so why would I even ask for
> it from my SBC?

see the above link:  if your providers don't offer v6, get new ones.

if your vendors don't support v6, ask them why and look for others

> I'm sure there's more, but that's off the top of my head.  Bottom line: we
> don't even have critical mass in basic L3 connectivity.  Could pushing it
> from the application side help?  Probably.  Is there any current well
> justified business case?  No.  Not considering the realities of business
> short-sightedness and budgetary constraints.

just because joesbaitntackleandbudgetwholesaleisp doesn't know how to
spell ipv4^h6 doesn't mean that there isn't a demand.  the large isps
in the us all have to get v6, and soon.  the slow ones are still
trying to monetise it and are losing market share.  there is native v6
transit and peering available.

there is a very good business case:  ipv4 will be exhausted within the
next few years.  if that doesn't make sense, then feel free to sit
back and do nothing.  otherwise i would suggest that you start
planning and designing to support ipv6.  you might have enough time to
get a migration plan together and hardware tested before arin has no
more ipv4 addresses and your hand is forced

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