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Richard Jimmerson richardj at arin.net
Mon Oct 26 16:25:02 EDT 2009

Hello Daryl,

On 10/26/09 3:57 PM, "Daryl G. Jurbala" <daryl at introspect.net> wrote:

> I'll take IPv6 space.  AS16734.  For free, or as a condition of my
> continued IPv4 space.
> When I inquired about this when I registered for the AS, I was told
> that that program had ended.
> Has this policy again changed and ARIN is now allocating IPv6 space
> without charging?

The ARIN Board of Trustees had waived all fees for IPv6 registration for
many years. Fees are still waived by a certain percentage according to the
schedule available at this link. IPv6 fee waiver information is available at
the bottom of the page.


Organizations who currently pay a subscription fee to ARIN for IPv4 address
space will not pay an additional fee for their IPv6 registration.

Warm regards,

Richard Jimmerson
Chief Information Officer
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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