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None, but IPV6 support and IPV6 > IPV4 IWF support in the SBC can make
this a moot point until the softswitch manufacturers get their act
together allowing the network core to stay on V4. The SBCs and the
endpoints are the critical pieces. 

On Tue, 2009-10-27 at 11:28 -0400, Scott Berkman wrote:

> Which Soft or Class4/5 switching vendor with integrated SS-7 features
> supports IPv6 today?  Anyone have something like this in production?
> 	-Scott
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> On 27/10/09 10:42 -0400, Scott Berkman wrote:
> >It hasn't been introduced into most product lines for the same reason any
> >other feature hasn't been implemented in a vendor's system - lack of
> >financial motivation.  These guys build for their biggest (volume and $$)
> >customers and their needs, so obviously companies like Acme, BroadSoft,
> >Sonus, Polycom, Aastra, Adtran, etc are simply not seeing a business need
> to
> >take the time to develop IPv6 into their products yet.
> As I've mentioned before, Acme has support for IPv6 in at least one of
> their products. Freeswitch is another good option.
> If a vendor is not producing IPv6 enabled equipment today, then it's
> operating under a shaky business plan. I understand the argument that a
> vendor must see financial justification before IPv6 enabling its equipment,
> but it must also anticipate future demand. 
> As is the case for much of the industry, *someone* has good IPv6 support
> for any piece of the network you wish to deploy - even Cisco (I'm not sure
> where the idea came from that they have poor support).
> You don't need to dump all your equipment today, and go out and purchase
> new equipment that's IPv6 enabled.  You still have time to replace
> equipment during your normal equipment replacement cycles and probably be
> in good shape.
> Where I'd recommend focusing your attention is on the access side of your
> network and your CPEs, which tend to have the longest life cycles, and
> which would be the most expensive to replace (at least for us).
> As you introduce IPv6 enabled equipment in your network, dual stack it and
> you'll be future proofing (at layer-3) that portion of your network.
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