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Apart from the legal implications of using software you haven't paid a license for, cisco also restrict access to the ITP IOS images, and even worse than that they restrict access to the ITP configuration manuals.    Their is no actual 'license' loaded on the chassis.   If you have a 2811 Chassis and the ITP-IOS it works.    I assume they will change this at some stage as I believe IOS 15.0+ now has some strange license-key stuff.

The ITP IOS for the 72xx platform also works on dynamips for getting familar with the way it does STP functions and testing lab senarios etc.

Depending on your requirements for E1/T1 signalling links you also need the VWIC-E1/T1-RAN (????) cards.   I found these a little pricey, but noticed that Cisco have some 'bundles' in their 1941 mobile backhaul routers that package a 1941 + qty's of the correct cards at much better pricing that just buying the cards (at say qty levels of 4/5...)

Worth checking out (wish I had figured that before we bought about 14 of those cards *grin*)

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I  am okay with support part. we have good team of engineers who can read manuals :) and I guess their software is mature enough for new bugs.

So any referral to good cisco vendors?


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You can find one on the grey market, but technically, licensees are non-transferable and Cisco won't honor the license without getting the used gear certified by Cisco.  This applies to any equipment with software licenses from any vendor, not just Cisco.

That said, you can certainly buy one, and use it, but Cisco won't support it without you paying them to certify the equipment and then buying an M&S contract.


On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 7:40 AM, Naushit Sakarvadia <naushit at yahoo.com<mailto:naushit at yahoo.com>> wrote:
I am in market for Cisco 2811 ITP with software license loaded.
My local Cisco vendor told me its not possible to get ITP with license from refurbished Cisco market.

Is that true? any referral for  good refurbished Cisco vendor?

thanks in advance.

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