[VoiceOps] Switches being flooded by unwanted calls

cololiberty at comcast.net cololiberty at comcast.net
Wed Apr 28 20:35:15 EDT 2010

I have a question to pose. If it's not appropriate, please let me know. 

My switches are currently taking in a large amount of traffic from one particular number destine for multiple terminating numbers across my CLEC users. 

We're having trouble tracking it down. It's coming into us via SIP and SS7 and I was wondering if anyone else was seeing anything with it as well. We have already confirmed a few other carriers seeing it as well. 

Originating number is 3074591039. 

The originating introductory messages appear sculpted and carry no originating info. 

Internet searches on this number brings up allot of people being bothered by this, chances may be good others out here my have users affected as well. 

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