[VoiceOps] "...but it works with Packet8"

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>From packet8's most recent 10K filing:

We developed the core software associated with the Virtual Office product line including the call control engine, protocol stacks and network address translation (NAT) traversal firmware for the customer premise equipment. As a result, we are able to update the software functionality of our services without third party assistance and limit the distribution of our unique customer premise equipment features such as NAT traversal to customer premise equipment that is sold in conjunction with our services.

There is no way they could do what they do if they limited themselves to configuring existing devices.

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Alex Balashov wrote:

> This is extremely unlikely, unless they inherited one via licensing from
> an acquisition.
> Developing a SIP stack is a surprisingly capital-intensive endeavour, at
> least, when it comes to working out interop issues and bugs, as well as
> natural race conditions arising from a literal interpretation of RFC
> 3261. All that testing and R&D is hard to afford. That's why the only
> good SIP stacks have been around for at least ten years (though, from
> this it does not follow that just because a SIP stack has been around
> for ten years means it's any good).

I wouldn't say it's trivial to do it, but one of our partners has a 100% 
custom-written and RFC-compliant stack and softphone which goes to great 
lengths to penetrate any NAT--they guarantee it.  Licensing starts at 
$42,000, however for a company the size of Packet 8 that would be trivial.

Carlos Alvarez

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