[VoiceOps] ATT Mobility SS7 Uggggh!

Eric Hiller clec at cygnustel.com
Mon Aug 23 14:48:37 EDT 2010

Hello all,

When an ATT Mobility customer calls into our switch the call is dropped.
The ss7 trace looks like this:

    ISUP IN  81N0 01 1 10 24 IAM   15:10:40

             NATR OF CONN:  B.00010000
                             BITS BA: .NO_SAT_CIRC
                             BITS DC: .NO_COT_REQD
                             BIT  E : .INCO_HALF_ECHO 15:10:40

             FWD CALL IND:  B.00100000  B.00010001
                             BIT  A : .NATIONAL_CALL
                             BITS CB: .NO_END_MTHD
                             BIT  D : .NO_INTERWK 15:10:40
                             BIT  E : .NO_INDICAT
                             BIT  F : .ISDN_USER_PART
                             BITS HG: .ISUP_PREFERED
                             BIT  I : .ISDN
                             BIT  M : .NUM_TRANS 15:10:40

             CLG PTY CTGY: ORDINARY SUB 15:10:40

             USER SVCE INFO: CODE STD:     B.00      .CCITT_CODE_STD
                             XFER CAP:     B.00000   .SPEECH_TRANSFER
                             XFER MODE:    B.00      .CKT_TRANSFER
                             XFER RATE:    B.10000   .64KB_SEC
                             USER PROT ID: B.0100010  15:10:40

    ISUP OUT 81N0 01 1 10 24 ANM   15:10:40

    ISUP IN  81N0 01 1 10 24 REL   15:10:40

             LOC LOLO B.0010
             CODE B.00
             CAUSE INVC 100  15:10:40

    ISUP OUT 81N0 01 1 10 24 RLC   15:10:40

How can there be an 'invalid coding' on an ANM message?!

They have had 7 days now to fix this and I haven't been able to get any
sort of response from them. We have customers screaming at us about this.
Any ideas?


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