[VoiceOps] as5350 incoming calls failing which have blocked callerid

Blair Harrison blair at fx.net.nz
Thu Aug 26 21:26:54 EDT 2010

On 27/08/10 12:59, Tony Zunt wrote:
> Hey Blair, This is just a guess.  It appears that your gateway is
> receiving 7 digits for the call.
> -->Called Party Number i = 0x80, '4987770'
> That might be OK, but I'd usually expect/prefer to receive 10 digits
> incoming in the United States on ISDN.  It is completely fine if your
> area has a different dialing plan.

Normal for NZ, you end up with the local number minus the area code. the
dial peers and translation rules are configured accordingly. It's working
fine, except when a call comes in where the callerID is blocked. This works
fine on the old gateway.

> Anyhow, if your gateway is registered to CCM, (and why it shouldn't
> be?), I believe there is a section in the CUCM Devices>Gateway Record
> that says, "Inbound Calls > Significant Digits."

Actually, it's sitting in front of a couple of SER boxes, but the call isn't
even getting that far. the gateway just seems to be dropping it as soon as
it decides that it's got an incomplete number :(

I suspect there's some magic config I need to modify on the box to accept
these calls. The previous box was running 12.3.17c, new box is running
12.4.24.T3, so bit of a change.


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