[VoiceOps] The romanian hackers busted

Sjur Eivind Usken sjur at usken.no
Wed Dec 15 12:16:07 EST 2010

There were several mails about INVITES coming from IPs all over, but
special from Romania.

Action was taken by the National Organisation for preventing organized
crime and terrorism which raided 42 places, 32 people busted.

approx 11,5 mill euro was the loss of the hacked parties, the bad guys
got about 10% of this.

more info:

(yes, it is wrong title about Russia, should be Romania ;-)

This was also the hackers who got trapped in the Honeypot in the
Forensic Challenge earlier this year by the Honeynet Project.

If any have more news on it or would like more info, contact me or Sandro.


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