[VoiceOps] Scalable VoIP Feature Server for Whitelabeling

Peter R. peter at 4isps.com
Mon Dec 27 15:49:35 EST 2010

Sure. They want to cut costs to some day make a profit on resi voip.  
some day.

On 12/27/2010 3:38 PM, Steven Putnam wrote:
> We aren't looking to go into that business themselves on the retail 
> side.  We have VoIP Providers (our customers) who want a managed 
> service instead of just DIDs and origination minutes.
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> First of: WHY would you want to go into Consumer VoIP? There are a 
> bunch of folks in this space already - Skype, Vonage, Magicjack, 
> RingCentral, Phone.com. Even Packet8 got out of consumer VoIP to focus 
> on B2B. Remember, deltathree? one of the original VoIP companies: 
> bankrupt.
> Stratus Telecom is the platform that MagicJack uses.
> Metaswitch is another consumer VoIP platform.
> It all depends on what you are after: cheap, features, some special 
> widget.
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> On 12/27/2010 2:27 PM, Steven Putnam wrote:
>     If you were a CLEC and were interested in wholesaling managed VoIP
>     services to the residential VoIP Provider market, what would you
>     recommend for a Feature Server platform?  Would you buy versus
>     build, and if you were to buy, what vendors are the best bang for
>     the buck in this niche?  We are not looking for expensive
>     enterprise-centric solutions from Broadsoft and Sonus, unless
>     there are no more viable alternatives; for a commodity such as
>     residential VoIP, cost is very much a concern, but it must also be
>     massively scalable.
>     Steve
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