[VoiceOps] Broadworks Patch Religion

David Sarvai dsarvai at DSCICORP.com
Tue Feb 2 15:07:06 EST 2010

We apply all patches once a quarter unless there is something specific
needed beforehand.  There are too many patches (160 something at last
count) to pick and choose... then have to worry about what you have
applied versus the upgrade path you're looking to go to.

We've been successful in that as of R14, we haven't had any major issue
caused by patching.  On R13, we've had our fair share of rollbacks
because we introduced new problems as a result of patching. 

David M. Sarvai

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For our entire history with BW, we've carefully researched and
selected individual patches to apply based on the functions that we
use and the issues that we see.

BW explicitly states that "customers can pick and choose the patches
they want", and they make it easy for us to do so.  This process has
worked quite well for us so far.  It takes a good deal of effort to
keep up with over 1 patch per day across the entire BW universe of
products, but we've done it and had good results.

Recently, the "open you mouth and close your eyes" idea has been
advanced, in which we would apply ALL patches, regardless of function
or issue.  We'd wait 30 days or so to let everyone else find the
problems with the contents of the default patch bundle, then just slap
the bundle on without any thinking.  We'd still test like chimps on
crack after patching, of course.

Are you picky or promiscuous with your BW patches?

Since this discussion is very vendor/version specific, we run BW R14sp9.


David Hiers
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