[VoiceOps] Phone Number Joe Jobs

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Tue Feb 2 23:35:20 EST 2010


I have a customer who this is happening to.  No clue how to track it or
figure out who is doing it or how to get it to stop.

Total of 10 calls to the number in 3 months, now 188 calls since 2:47pm
today, all with a pretty wide variety of callerIDs.

25 Voicemails left, only one actually didn't hang up, and they spoke
spanish.   It seems obvious to me that someone is doing a dialer with this
number (not theirs) as callerID.

I can block it, but it seems to be a problem that continues to come up.
Probably companies violating the telemarketing rules and trying to get away
with it by using legit but not their CallerID.

Thoughts?  I can provide the number privately if you want to see if YOUR
customer(s) are doing this specific one.

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