[VoiceOps] IAM callername instead of CNAM

David Sarvai dsarvai at DSCICORP.com
Thu Feb 4 12:36:29 EST 2010


What was the name that came up on the new/unused numbers?  Sounds like
someone populated a CNAM database with NPA-NXX-X rate-center names like

David M. Sarvai

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On 2/4/10 9:44 AM, Lee Riemer wrote:
> Sounds like CNAM caching.

I thought that at first, but now I'm pretty sure it's not caching. 
We've assigned numbers that were in our inventory for a year or two, and

were never used, but find that the data for them is old even with the 
first call to a Cox number.  Someone could have used fake CID to 
generate a lookup and caching, but very unlikely to have happened across

so many numbers.

Carlos Alvarez

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