[VoiceOps] Utility for Splitting MGCP Calls from large packetcaptures?

Justin Randall jrandall at comwave.net
Mon Feb 22 12:36:22 EST 2010

I know using Wireshark it seems to print a GUI latter for MGCP calls
however when trying to apply a filter for the packets based on the "VoIP
Calls" section for some reason my experience has been that it doesn't
work (haven't tried on any newer releases of Wireshark in a while).


You'll likely need to write your own using libpcap or BASH/Perl
scripting around tethereal.  The main challenge is that the endpoint IDs
in an MGCP messages are only sent in the MGCP requests but not on the
response which means you need to find all the TIDs/IPs/etc belonging to
the endpoint transactions you're interested in and then find all the
associated response packets based on TIDs and IPs.




Justin Randall



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I use pcapsipdump for splitting SIP calls from large packet capture
files. It nicely gives me one file per session/call

Anyone know of something that will do this for MGCP calls? 

Christian Pena
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