[VoiceOps] Verizon Business Wholesale contact

Rick Garcia RGarcia at 360.net
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I would ask the guys at X5 Solutions....they are a huge VB reseller and
can scoot you through the process much quicker that a direct contract
(process within VB).  In addition the rates are the same as what you
would walk out the door with from VB direct.  Oh and X5 will
interconnect you directly with VB, so pure resell.  Only issue is if you
have enough traffic or DID requirements for X5 to do it.  They usually
like 1k or more.  I have customers from 360networks that need additional
footprint who use X5 and they are very happy.  If you need something out
west, I could help you..


I would email NBledsoe at x5solutions.com, he handles all of their
Wholesale stuff, he's the COO  (206) 973-5840.  Tell him Rick sent



Moderator:  I hope this email was ok, I was endorsing another company
providing the asked for information that would closely reflect the needs
of this memeber and yes threw a tiny little plug for 360 in there J








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I'm trying to get in the door with Verizon Business and not having much
luck. Does anyone have a sales contact there?


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