[VoiceOps] Cisco 7940s dialplan

Ujjval Karihaloo ujjval at simplesignal.com
Mon Jan 18 13:55:23 EST 2010

My dialplan.xml is as simple as it gets...will this override that weird behavior?

  <TEMPLATE MATCH="*" Timeout="8" User="Phone" />
- <!--
 Anything else

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Do you have a custom dialplan file loaded onto the phones or using default from Cisco? If so, can you post a copy of it here?

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Subject: [VoiceOps] Cisco 7940s dialplan
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Date: 1/18/2010 1:44 PM

We are seeing some Cisco 7940s autodial a "$" sign after being offhook for about 4-5 secs, They are running 8-12 load and downloading all the config files from our config server,

Anyone has a remedy for that. Its driving me nuts...



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