[VoiceOps] Call Recording Laws in the US

David Sarvai dsarvai at DSCICORP.com
Mon Jan 25 08:36:58 EST 2010

As an ITSP, we recently rolled out a call recording solution in
conjunction with our soft switch.  Our "product" and agreements puts all
legal responsibility on our customer. 

The customer must ensure both parties know the call is being recorded
and acquire consent.  Using this standard, it doesn't matter which state
the call originates or terminates.

As for the ITSP's responsibilities, we must ensure our total solution is
capable of providing the required auto-disclaimer on inbound calls and
the flexibility to not record outbound calls (unless the customer reads
the disclaimer on every outbound call too).

Provided the customer is educated on how to properly use the system,
knowing when and which calls are recorded, there should be no legal
problem.  Any user not wishing to consent can simply hang up.

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