[VoiceOps] Porting to Level3

Scott Berkman scott at sberkman.net
Thu Jan 28 10:22:53 EST 2010

I believe Level 3 has always had a "default" port time unless you
specifically schedule with them to have the port occur at a specific time,
8AM EST for "internal" ports and I think maybe 2PM EST for normal external
ports.  You can also get control of porting from the Level3 Portal using
what they call "AdOpt" by talking to you account manager.

You can check this page if you need more details on their porting process:


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On 1/28/10 6:44 AM, Richey wrote:
> Is it common practice for Level3 to port numbers when they feel like it
> on the FOC date? Do they not let you call in and let them know you are
> ready for the port? I have never had this happen with a carrier before
> and don't know if it was the SIP Carrier or Level3 that did this.

This is what I have experienced with Level 3 also.  We build the route 
the night before.

Carlos Alvarez

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