[VoiceOps] Broadworks and RHEL5

Brad Anouar Brad at broadcore.com
Fri Jul 2 09:47:52 EDT 2010

Some documentation suggests RHEL5 Server.

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On 1 July 2010 23:27, Mark Holloway <mh at markholloway.com> wrote:
> I am preparing to install new Broadworks servers with R14.SP9 to replace
> some legacy servers running R14.SP9 with RHEL4 Workstation.  I want
> to install RHEL5 on the new servers.  Can anyone confirm if I should be
> using RHEL5 Server or RHEL5 Desktop with Workstation license?
>  With RHEL4 Broadsoft requires the the Workstation version instead of
> Server.  The Broadworks docs for RHEL5 reference Enterprise, but both
> Server and Desktop w/Workstation are referred to by Red Hat as Enterprise.

Hi Mark,

You want to check this with Broadsoft TAC, however the recent installs
I've done have all been on RHEL Server (R16 and R17).


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