[VoiceOps] Tariff puzzle

CLEC NY clecny at gmail.com
Thu Jul 22 17:06:32 EDT 2010


Pardon me if this is really a dumb question.

I need to know in following scenario, when call is coming from IXC 
location -> CLEC end user ( replace Company with CLEC in picture. )  Who 
send bills for "Tandem switching charges" to IXC?  CLEC or ILEC?  In 
this case Tandem switch is owned by ILEC.

Under switched access servies ,I know CLEC will charge for Common Trunk 
Port ( CTP) , Local switching , Local Trunk trasport / facility , Tandem 
transport, but Tandem switching is questionable.

Sorry  about crude picture...

Thanks & Regards,

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