[VoiceOps] Anyone using OpenSIPS/OpenSER/Kamailio to interface with L3

Matthew S. Crocker matthew at corp.crocker.com
Thu Jun 3 12:34:28 EDT 2010

OpenSIPS is not an SBC as the members of their mailing list will readily and loudly attest.

OpenSIPS is a SIP Proxy.  OpenSIPS + rtp-proxy can provide many of the functions of an SBC.  Personally I wouldn't allow anything on your private VoIP LAN that I didn't have direct control over.   I'm not against using OpenSIPS or Asterisk but I wouldn't let my customers manage it and have direct access to my switch.

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> I have a customer that I would like to setup on their own SBC to avoid
> adding the overhead/licensing costs to our Acmes.
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