[VoiceOps] Automated call completion testing?

Graham Freeman graham.freeman at cernio.com
Wed Jun 9 16:27:37 EDT 2010

Hi, folks,

I'm on the hunt for an automated call completion testing solution.


Must test call completion, not just whether the SIP gateway IP is reachable and has low ping/jitter.

Must be able to notify defined points of contact (ideally via email) upon reaching a set failure threshold

Must be able to test legacy phone numbers (e.g. +14154622991)

Must be able to test via configurable routes

Should be open-source

Should be compatible with Asterisk

Should be something I can integrate with one or more of the following:  Zenoss, Nagios, AskoziaPBX, pfSense

Should be able to test both SIP URIs (e.g. sip:firstname.lastname at cernio.com) and legacy phone numbers (e.g. +14154622991).

Any suggestions?


Graham Freeman
Cernio Technology Cooperative
graham.freeman at cernio.com

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