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Nicholas Sten nicksten at gmail.com
Fri Jun 25 13:18:59 EDT 2010

I previously replied off-list.

We are very pleased with our deployed equipment, where density, performance,
and flexibility exceeded all else in our price range.  We service both the
wholesale and retail markets with both TDM and Voice, and quite successfully
move a massive amount wholesale of traffic with very high and bursty CPS
loads while maintaining call high call success rates and quality.

Voice Switches: Fully VoIP-enabled Lucent 5010 Compact Switch
Session Border Controllers: Acme Packet
Feature Server: Broadsoft

The Lucents are probably the best bang for the buck, you really have to
squeeze as much out of the Broadsoft to make the margins work on some SME
customers, and we find that a great many of our wholesale peers like to chew
up our expensive Acme ports to scrub their crap traffic for them, but the
three have made a fantastic and highly interoperable trifecta.

Good luck in your testing and final selections.


On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 9:18 AM, Tom Pipes <tom.pipes at t6mail.com> wrote:

> My previous post regarding our decision leaning towards Metaswitch
> generated a lot of responses (off list, and on).
> It seemed as though most people were happy or elated with Metaswitch.  However,
> I had some direct contacts from a couple of Taqua users, and how they have
> some big benefits, with regard to Hosted PBX.  This is a feature that we are
> particularly interested in.
> Sometimes it's tough to narrow down a vendor when dealing with a
> potentially complex solution, and you don't know what your experience will
> be until you have the equipment on-site. That's why I wanted to "poll the
> audience" to find out what others were using.
> Anyways, just wanted to say that I appreciate the feedback, and we are
> looking further into the Broadsoft/Taqua avenue.
> Thanks,
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