[VoiceOps] Time change?

Jim Gurol jim at californiatelecom.com
Fri Jun 25 17:17:39 EDT 2010


I have a strange problem, I can't seem to understand. Maybe someone knows
the answer.

A customer of mine has a Panasonic KXT phone system and I provide phone
service via Adtran 908e analog trunks (not PRI).

He claims ever since he switched providers, that his phone system date/time
stamp has been off (says November, 4am). His phone system guy called me and
asked if I was "sending" time over the analog lines. I am unfamiliar with
analog phone lines sending a date/time stamp, but I am sort of new to this
game. Is this possible?

They said they are able to configure the phone system to proper time, but
then when calls come in, the date/time changes back .

I just checked the clock on the Adtran and indeed it says:

Adtran#show clock
04:26:42 UTC Sat Nov 28 2009

So it appears I am wrong. Analog lines do send date/time ???


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