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Scott Berkman scott at sberkman.net
Mon Mar 22 18:52:15 EDT 2010

I have managed some Meetingplace deployments, there are goods and bads to
it.  Anything specific you need to know?

Overall I'd say MeetingPlace has much better reporting, partitioning (users
and groups defined in a way other than the BroadWorks AS), and general
configurability than AL/BroadSoft (you know the BS solution is (or was?)
AL's rebranded right?).  The BroadSoft is just really nice in the way it
integrates for users of the system, if that is relevant for you.  Biggest
issue is probably licensing costs.  The newer versions can integrate or
provide a local instance of WebEx too, which is pretty cool.

I've also spent a lot of time trying to turn Asterisk into a conferencing
product, but it seems to have timing issues keeping the channels in sync
unless you have TDM-based (zap, not ztdummy) timing, or at least it did a
few years ago.  You can build a pretty decent feature set if you have the
time though.


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I am looking to bring our current Global Crossing Conferencing solution
on-net, and have begun to search for hardware/software solutions.  I am
looking at Radvision, Cisco, and now Alcatel-Lucent. I want to use SIP
trunking between to the new platform.

Has anyone in the group deployed anything other than Broadsoft's 3rd
party Conference Server and are there any strong recommendations?


David Sarvai
DSCI Corporation

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