[VoiceOps] Revenue Leakage

David Hiers hiersd at gmail.com
Mon May 3 14:02:37 EDT 2010

I hear ya; revenue leakage can be a huge problem.

If you hold the numbers up to the light in one way, it looks like
there is money being lost.  However, the big guys typically overcharge
their customers such an egregious amount that there is an entire
industry devoted to finding/fixing the overage, and they work on
One of the many companies that don't get paid unless they save you money:


How 'bout it, gang?  When was the last time you reverse-engineered
your bill from one of your big peers?  You've got the same CDRs as
your big peer, do you PREDICT your bill within 1% every month?  Are
you sure that you're no longer getting billed every month for those
1000 numbers that you returned to their pool last year?

Good times...


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> http://blog.connectedplanetonline.com/unfiltered/2010/04/30/billions-and-billions-of-dollars-in-revenue-leakage/
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