[VoiceOps] DTMF/audio before connect, was: American Idol 800 Numbers

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Thu May 6 00:30:33 EDT 2010

On 5/5/10 7:20 PM, Carlos Alcantar wrote:
> Actually a while back Metaswitch in there 6.0 software release had a bug
> where it would not pass dtmf tones if the calls was not in a connected
> status state which was causing issues with ivr’s with airlines ect.

That shouldn't be considered a bug, it's a feature.  Forward audio
should not cut through when not connected in order to prevent toll fraud.

This goes back to the old blue box/black box days, specifically the
black box.  If there is two-way audio before answer supervision, the
receiving party can game the system so that the calling party is not
billed for completed calls.  Just don't return answer supervision, stop
the ringback tone, and converse.

Reverse audio is needed to play ringback, busy tone, intercept messages,
etc.  Forward audio as a rule should be blocked until the call is
connected (and the meter is running for toll charges).

If airline IVRs are playing the airline's greeting and accepting DTMF or
inbound audio before connection, then the airlines are stealing from
their 800-provider (if toll-free) or their callers' carriers (if toll).

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