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The site seems to have some degree of lead generation and/or marketing  
features such as entreatments to purchase numbers, and my guess is  
that is the monetisation strategy.  Can't possibly say if it's working.

One does not have to query NPAC directly, of course.  There are  
VeriSign and other STP operators that will resell you this service as  
well, as will numerous folks who offer SIP interfaces to TCAP LNP  
queries like Broadvox and SourceComm.  It is entirely possible they  
get the dips on relatively good terms from one of those sources  
compared to what we expect, due to volume.  But yes, at the end of the  
day not going broke is a requirement.

I take it as granted that entities like VeriSign and Sourcecomm and  
Broadvox do quite a lot of short-term caching, TOS be damned.

A bigger question for me is how they are able to offer LNP info  
relatively free and clear to anyone who wants it, even if they are not  
carriers per se.  Neustar NDA requirements are not friendly to such  
actors and require a lot of paperwork for anyone wanting more or less  
direct NPAC access. How someone buying dip access from Neustar (at  
some level) is able to pass it along to third parties without  
propogating the myriad of NPAC territorial NDAs is a complete mystery  
to me.

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On Sep 13, 2010, at 4:26 PM, Troy Davis <troy at yort.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 11:43 AM, Chris Boyd  
> <cboyd at gizmopartners.com> wrote:
> On Sep 13, 2010, at 11:10 AM, Troy Davis wrote:
> > Yeah, it's very NANPA-centric right now.  We wanted to pick a set  
> of information we knew would be complete enough to be useful.
> How is the carrier information determined?  I've tried a few  
> numbers, and the city/state infor was correct, but the carrier  
> information was incorrect.  The numbers were reported as the carrier  
> that originally provisioned service, not the current carrier after  
> porting.
> Still a pretty useful tool.
> The carrier info is all at 1,000 or 10,000 number granularity  
> depending on the allocation size.  The reason LNP isn't there is  
> that I don't know of a way to do it without a per-query fee.
> Someone else pointed out tnID, which seems to be doing free LNP  
> dips.  I'm not sure how they're making enough money from paid  
> reverse lookups to cover the query fee, especially with the  
> restrictions on caching that most (all?) LNP providers have.  But  
> it's great if the economics work and it's sustainable.
> Anyone with SS7 access want to allow digits to perform and cache  
> free LNP dips?  Happy to expose that for free too, with a client  
> rate-limit and your name on the result page as having sponsored it.   
> Assuming there's no restriction on caching, the cached data could be  
> reused for months.  Since this isn't meant to be used for routing,  
> being 3-6 months behind would be fine.
> Troy
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