[VoiceOps] I need feedback about Sonus

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+1 for Metaswitch.

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Sonus is top of the line and most of the major IP carriers have migrated to Sonus from whatever else they used to run.

Like many of the best in breed, they aren't cheap (hardware or support), but its reliable and very scalable.

I haven't worked with the NBS SBC but it's fairly widely deployed now as well.

If they are a little too high end for you, I'd recommend looking at Metaswitch, but of course the best platform will depend on what you need.


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Subject: [VoiceOps] I need feedback about Sonus

Hi all,
Currently we are running Cisco PGW-based voice network and we are thinking of migarting to another platform.
I saw a presentation of Sonus and it looks feature rich patform.

I would like some feedback if anyone has experience with Sonus (for both TDM and VoIP.)

Has any one used their SBC? any thoughts?


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