[VoiceOps] SPA942 Timers and Profile Rules

Zak Rupas zak at simplesignal.com
Wed Jul 6 12:35:58 EDT 2011

Good Morning-

I am a new member and wanted to ask a quick question. I am doing interop
testing of the Linksys 942 with Broadsoft. I was able to get it working
finally! However the phone reboots after 5 minutes. I have been tweaking the
timers but need the phone to work with provisioning if need be but still not
reboot so quickly. Can someone out there please share their timer values? I
used the following per Broadsoft but my phone is still rebooting:


<!-- Resync_Periodic ua="na"></Resync_Periodic -->  <Upgrade_Enable



  <Resync_Error_Retry_Delay ua="na">3600</Resync_Error_Retry_Delay>

  <Forced_Resync_Delay ua="na">1400</Forced_Resync_Delay>

  <Resync_From_SIP ua="na">Yes</Resync_From_SIP>

   <Resync_After_Upgrade_Attempt ua="na">Yes</Resync_After_Upgrade_Attempt>

   <Resync_Fails_On_FNF ua="na">Yes</Resync_Fails_On_FNF>


Zak Rupas | Tier 3 Engineer

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