[VoiceOps] SIP calls that aren't torn down

Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
Tue Jun 7 16:18:20 EDT 2011

I was speaking to a developer at Genband about our C15.  The softswitch was
built by TDM folk, with IP added on later.  I'm not surprised that there are
certain things mixing that would be assumed in a non-legacy product.


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Is your softswitch from 1982? ;-)

OK OK I kid...  I am seriously curious what you're using though... These
are pretty standard in the open-source world and also on phones and
ATAs/media gateway hardware, etc.

Maybe you just aren't looking for the right option? Look for anything you
can configure known as a "timer" and kick back what you've got...

- Darren


On 6/7/11 12:46 PM, "Frank Bulk" <frnkblk at iname.com> wrote:

>That feature is not in our softswitch.  Sounds like a feature request I
>to make.
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>This feature (session timers or RTP timers) is usually built into your
>switch, are you stating that you're not utilizing such a feature?
>- Darren
>On 6/7/11 12:25 PM, "Frank Bulk" <frnkblk at iname.com> wrote:
>>Over the last few months our softswitch has accumulated 10 "stuck" calls
>>where there's no media traffic.  From what the softswitch vendor can tell
>>guess, it just didn't receive a BYE to tear down the call.
>>We know that most SIP traffic on 5060 is UDP, and UDP is connectionless.
>>How are other vendors and systems managing such scenarios?  I suggested a
>>"no media" test where after x hours of no media, to tear down the call
>>log the info.
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