[VoiceOps] SIP calls that aren't torn down

Ryan McAdams ryan at fasttracknetworks.com
Tue Jun 7 16:44:26 EDT 2011

This can be disabled on a per customer basis if I remember correctly (re:  Broadsoft RFC 4208).


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On 06/07/2011 04:42 PM, Scott Berkman wrote:

> BroadSoft normally uses "Session Audits" (defaults to 5 minutes) which 
> is really a SIP RE-INVITE to make sure the other end is still there.  
> If no response is received, the call is torn down.  "Hung" calls can 
> still happen due to software bugs, and the vendor should provide a 
> low-level tool to manually kill the calls.

This is BroadSoft marketing bullshit for SSTs, right?  (i.e. RFC 4028)

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