[VoiceOps] Porting Number - CLEC

Eric Hiller clec at cygnustel.com
Wed Jun 15 11:49:48 EDT 2011

In order to port a number, what trunking requirements do we have? Is it
that we have to have trunking to the same tandem as the npa-nxx holder?
IE. If I wanted to port 100-100-1000 And the 100-100-1 thousands block is
held by company A, and then 100-100 npanxx/ten k block is held by Company
B and is homed on Tandem C, then I just need to have trunking into Tandem
C and have an ICA with whomever controls Tandem C, which could be company
A,B or some third company C correct?

The same would apply in order to get our own thousands block as well correct?

-Eric Hiller

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