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Mary Lou Carey marylou at backuptelecom.com
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To terminate traffic you only need to have trunking to the LRN tandem in
that LATA, but to originate traffic you need to have trunking established to
the tandem that the rate center of the NXX homes on. Once we have all your
Chicago trunks installed, you will be able to port any number in the LATA to
yourself. Make sense?

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In order to port a number, what trunking requirements do we have? Is it
that we have to have trunking to the same tandem as the npa-nxx holder?
IE. If I wanted to port 100-100-1000 And the 100-100-1 thousands block is
held by company A, and then 100-100 npanxx/ten k block is held by Company
B and is homed on Tandem C, then I just need to have trunking into Tandem
C and have an ICA with whomever controls Tandem C, which could be company
A,B or some third company C correct?

The same would apply in order to get our own thousands block as well

-Eric Hiller

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