[VoiceOps] Verizon and E.164

Scott Berkman scott at sberkman.net
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In E-164 format, 011 is not normally used on carrier trunks, at least in my
experience.  National calls should be something like +1NPANXXXXXX.  An
international call would never begin with +1 unless you start getting into
the NANPA "International" destinations such as Canada and the Caribbean that
share the 1 CC.  For example, if I send an international call to another
major SIP trunking vendor, the URI would be +442074999000 (this is the US
Embassy in London).


I have never personally worked with Verizon's SIP trunks, but I would expect
them to have a reasonably sophisticated rating engine that knows all of
those details.  They should also have an interop or testing process and
supporting documentation that goes over these different call flows and what
they expect to see from you for each.




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Many carriers request that you send sip messaging using E.164 compliant #'s.
We have a TDM/SS7 peering to Verizon and we tried sending calls to them with
the "Calling" # in E.164 format.

Unfortunately they see the call as International because there is a 1
prepending the 10 digit #.  This makes no sense to me as international
starts as 011.   Has anyone had this issue with Verizon or any other


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