[VoiceOps] SIP Compatible Door Phone

Darren Schreiber d at d-man.org
Tue Mar 22 19:07:58 EDT 2011

Gotta be honest, we've hooked up many a door phone to a Grandstream ATA
with much success. Good ol' two wire connections.

On 3/22/11 3:38 PM, "Tim Donahue" <tim.donahue at gmail.com> wrote:

>Hi all,
>We recently got a requirement from a client that needs a door phone
>that will work with the SIP PBX that we recently installed.  I came
>across the product below for a SIP door phone from Valcom, but I can't
>find any documentation on Valcom's site.
>Does anyone have good experiences with a door phone that works well
>with SIP PBX's, preferably with some decent documentation on the web
>and native SIP vs. using an FXS or FXO and connecting to an analog
>door phone.
>Thank you,
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