[VoiceOps] ATIS: Next Gen networks and rural area call issues

Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
Mon Nov 21 17:37:37 EST 2011

Thanks for sharing - we got the letter, too.  


How the letter is written suggests that the telcos don't know how to track
it down - the reality is that the terminating LECs have little insight into
the original source and path of the call.  What needs to be done is if that
if my customer can't receive a call from 555-555-1212, I need to be able to
contact the LEC who originates the call and have them perform testing from
their customer's perspective.




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I've been invited to attend an ATIS conference call on 12/8 regarding us
next-gen networks and rural area call issues (completion, quality, etc).  


Part of the invite is encouraging others to participate, so please consider
yourself encouraged!  I'm not sure how this works, but maybe I can get
invitations for others, too.  If you want me to carry your experiences to
the group, let me know what your problems have been and I'll incorporate
them (with attribution, if desired) with my comments.


I expect to see a pre-meeting questionnaire soon.







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