[VoiceOps] Sprint Wireless

Shane Young VoiceOps at shaneyoung.com
Tue Nov 22 12:25:53 EST 2011

Quoting Robert Dawson <RDawson at alliedtelecom.net>:

> That is the route I have found works best as well, referring back to  
>  the calling party to contact the carrier. I hate delegating an   
> problem back to a customer but it seems like the most efficient path.

An easy (and inexpensive) way to avoid this type of "delegation" is to  
buy a prepaid phone on the carrier you are having issues with.  You  
can then recreate the issue yourself and report the trouble.

You can also confirm that the trouble has cleared without bothering others.

The amount of time you can save can be well worth the small investment.

A friend of mine keeps a drawer full of them for just that reason.

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