[VoiceOps] Cell Phone to SIP provider

Matthew S. Crocker matthew at corp.crocker.com
Tue Sep 13 15:33:02 EDT 2011

Sprint does this. The cell phones register to the cell tower as cell phones. The cell tower converts to SIP and registers with the call agent. Broadsoft mentioned something about this at the last connections conference. You would get a private IP connection into Sprint to carry the voice traffic. This would be perfect for me if Sprint had a decent cell network in my area. Does anyone know if AT&T or Verizon (LTE) do it as well? 


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> Hello,

> I am looking for a cell phone company that is capable of providing
> SIP service instead of sending the calls over the cellular network.

> If anybody here is capable of providing such a service or can
> recommend a vendor that can do that, please let me know.

> Thanks,

> Oren

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