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You might want to see if LightSquared has anything for you, they dub
themselves the "only wholesale-only mobile carrier", but I'm not sure what
they can offer today.




Also, aren't some of the newer cellular technologies (UMTS or EVDO)
inherently built on SIP for the voice portion of the network?  That's not an
answer to your problem, but.


One other thing you might want to look into is an OS that allows the default
phone app to use SIP over the data connection natively (as opposed to using
a separate soft phone application that might not integrate as well to the
UI).  I believe this was preset in versions of WM6, but that's somewhat old
now and I have no idea if it's built into any other platforms.






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It is my understanding that:


a.  The original post asked about sending the calls to the end point (cell
phone) as SIP, not cellular voice.


b.  Sprint's MIS (Mobile Integration Service) merely allows a company or
service provider to connect to them directly over TDM or SIP and do seamless
integration of the cell and other phones, but the call is still cellular
voice to the handset.


I am facing a competitive sale right now to a municipality where there is
only one other carrier who can compete with us, and only on that one


On Tue, Sep 13, 2011 at 12:33 PM, Matthew S. Crocker
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Sprint does this.   The cell phones register to the cell tower as cell
phones.  The cell tower converts to SIP and registers with the call agent.
Broadsoft mentioned something about this at the last connections conference.
You would get a private IP connection into Sprint to carry the voice
traffic.    This would be perfect for me if Sprint had a decent cell network
in my area.   Does anyone know if AT&T or Verizon (LTE) do it as well?



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I am looking for a cell phone company that is capable of providing SIP
service instead of sending the calls over the cellular network.

If anybody here is capable of providing such a service or can recommend a
vendor that can do that, please let me know.



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Carlos Alvarez





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