[VoiceOps] Contact for Adtran Tier 2 or sales rep.

Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
Wed Aug 15 22:45:58 EDT 2012

My experience with ADTRAN's telephone support was very poor -- they don't
guarantee any kind of estimate to call back time.  Depending on their
backlog, it could be days.

The solution was to find the SE for the ADTRAN territory I'm in.


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Oddly, I'm having a hard time getting a call back from Adtran support
regarding a Tier 2 issue or my sales rep, if he or she exists.

If anyone has a contact that they could supply me off-line, I'd appreciate

Owen Roth
Snr Network Engineer
Impulse Advanced Communications
owen at impulse.net

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