[VoiceOps] Grandstream VoIP phones

Matt Yaklin myaklin at g4.net
Fri Aug 17 13:20:55 EDT 2012

We just ran into a problem of some Cisco phones not handling odd
quirks of a Sonicwall FW yet the Polycoms handled it like a champ.
I forget the model.

The sad thing is we provide the internet service and some other ISP
provides the SIP phone service. Since the SIP phone provider did not
assist the customer in figuring out why there was a problem we got
yelled at as the internet service provider who must be "causing the
issue". It was not our Sonicwall either.

The Sonicwall was delaying, from memory here, INVITES and they were
coming in bursts after a delay. The Cisco phones consistently dropped
the call afer 1-2 minutes, every single time.

Polycom handled it gracefully.

Grandstream left a bad taste in my mouth years ago and never tried
them again. I forget why. It has been years.

All Polycom here.

matt at g4.net

On Fri, 17 Aug 2012, Anthony Orlando wrote:

> What type of issues are you all seeing with Cisco 5xx series phones?
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> On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 11:04 PM, Simon Lockhart <simon at slimey.org> wrote:
>       According to our database, we have about 30,000 of the handsets configured
> in our voice platform. Everything from the BT-200's to the GXP-1200's, and
> most recently we've been deploying the GXP-140x's
> We are primarily going to push the GXP-2124, 2100, and 1450.  Is there a reason you haven't gone to those?
>       We have had our fair share of software problems with them over the years,
>       but Grandstream support is responsive, and we've had bugs we've found fixed
>       within a few weeks.
> That's important to hear.  We've had few, but not zero, bugs with the Cisco phones.  And support/fixes have been
> difficult.
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